The Strategic Creative: Make Magic in Your Career

ProTalk: The Strategic Creative: Make Magic in Your Career, by Nakita Pope

You have a brand whether you are being strategic about it or not. Often we are so focused on branding our clients and their businesses that we don’t take the time to be strategic about our own. In this session, you will learn some key elements to building a personal or business brand as a creative. How you set goals, create a lane for yourself, tell your story, and build community makes you who you are. Whether you are an employee, freelancer, or business owner, having a brand that represents you authentically IS the magic, and it will give you the creative career of your dreams!

About Nakita

Nakita M. Pope is the Chief Chick and Principal Brand Strategist of Branding Chicks, a boutique branding agency in Atlanta, GA, with clients all over the United States. Branding Chicks specializes in brand strategy, development, consulting, and management for femme-owned businesses and femme-focused brands. She helps clients narrow their focus, gives their brands a voice, slingshot their confidence, and clarifies their message to resonate directly with their audiences. She also helps businesses large and small to brand or re-brand to attract and grow customer bases for new products and professional services through custom, creative, relevant brand-promoting strategies. Over the past 25 years, she has worked as a brand strategist, graphic designer, creative director, and brand manager, giving her experiences that inform how she works with her clients. Her passion for brand strategy also extends to her advertising strategy, branding, and design professorship at The Creative Circus for 13 years. In 2019 she also took on an additional role as their Diversity & Inclusion Advisor and, a year later, the Design Department Senior Advisor role. In 2020 she was named one of Graphic Design USA Magazine’s People to Watch.

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