Lean Into Mentorship

Women marketers are embracing mentorship to empower themselves and propel their careers to new heights.

The SheSuite

A one-on-one digital mentorship program for women marketers.

Leadership Circles

A group mentorship program designed to help women marketers through the use of Appreciative Inquiry.

Sponsor a Mentee

Invest in a marketing professional’s growth and personal well-being.

Become a Mentor

Help empower women marketers while gaining personal and professional growth, expanding your network, and making a meaningful impact.

Benefits of Mentorship


Learn from Experienced Professionals

Drawing on your mentors industry experience will help you to make more informed decisions. You can gain valuable insight into the corporate landscape, allowing you to understand the dynamics of your organization and how to approach challenges in the workplace. You can also gain advice and guidance on how to move up in her career, helping you to develop the skills necessary to reach management level or higher. And mentors can provide guidance and support during times of career transition will help you navigate the process and make the right decision.


Develop a Supportive Network of Women Marketers

You’ll meet other professionals in the field and help you to build a supportive network of contacts. You’ll also receive objective and honest feedback and constructive criticism, helping you to refine your skills and improve your performance. And by listening to other peoples experiences, you can explore new ideas and open up opportunities to further your career.


Personal Growth

Mentorships provide support and encouragement to help you to develop confidence in your abilities and reach your full potential. You’ll also gain invaluable motivation and focus to help you to stay on track and motivated to reach your goals.