Empowering women marketers to overcome workplace biases through conversations that build trust.

Join us for an engaging conversation with renowned Conversational Leadership Strategist and Interactive Global Speaker Bev Handcock. Bev will delve into common hypothetical scenarios that women marketers face and demonstrate how we can navigate these challenges with empathy, open conversation, and trust-building techniques. Through practical examples and interactive discussions, attendees will gain valuable insights and actionable strategies to confidently and effectively lead as a marketing professional.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How gender and racial biases create fear in the workplace
  2. How to listen to your internal voice to uncover biases
  3. How to reframe the fight, flight or freeze response into compassion and empathy
  4. How to clear the way for ongoing two-way communication that builds trust

Presentation duration: 20 mins, followed by a Q&A session.

Take advantage of the opportunity to up your communication game!

About Bev: Bev Handcock is Conversational Leadership Strategist and Interactive Global Speaker. Bev has carved out a distinctive niche, unveiling the power of authentic, open dialogue that bridges worlds through conversations. As a South African, she believes there is a magical and wise truth in the language and practice of UBUNTU – a word that describes our humanity. Translated literally, it means, ‘I am because we are.’ Bev uses coaching, leadership, and conversational intelligence skills to catalyze conversational transformation in families, teams, organizations, nations, and the planet. There has never been a time when leaders must communicate with compassion and power. Bev has honed her craft to become a beacon of inspiration and a trusted communications coach for countless leaders and aspiring professionals worldwide.

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