Natalie Thomas studied art, design, and creative writing at the Rhode Island School of Design. She became an artist, an educator, and then a graphic designer. Eventually, she landed in a place that finally felt like home. Natalie loves problem-solving and team building. So, the unlimited creative latitude she found in her first marketing position opened up a whole new world to Natalie.

Over time, Natalie built the marketing department from a solo operation to a five+ person team she led. She’s always been passionate about building communities and helping people reach their goals.

Today, she’s a Director of Marketing and Membership for a company that developed a community for community leaders. She also co-founded a boutique marketing consulting business and The MarketHER Group. Besides crafting a work-life balance that she loves, she can often be found relaxing in nature with family and friends, traveling, or sitting awestruck in a local theatre.

No matter where you are along your journey, MarketHER, like Natalie, is a meeting ground to chat, trade stories, share strategies, and have some laughs! MarketHER is not your aunties’ Facebook group. We are a safe space for women to say whatever is on their minds, get feedback, and be held accountable if they’re up for that. We’ll grow together, inspire each other, and wine and dine together too.

If you would like to host your local MarketHER in-person meetups, please reach out to us at [email protected].